The Welsh GP Record (this has replaced the Individual Health Record)

NHS Wales is making some changes to the way it uses patient information for patient care and what information will be shared between services.  This will ensure that clinicians have important information about you in order to provide you with the right care at the right time in the right place.

Vital information has been available for some time to support your care when the surgery is closed or in the event of an emergency.  Until recently, those caring for you in hospital during an outpatient appointment or inpatient stay were unable to access important information held by your GP straight away.  The Welsh GP Record (WGPR) aims to address this by providing authorised Health Professionals access to your WGPR.  Strict controls are in place to keep your information safe.  Only the people caring for you will be able to look at your WGPR and they must ask your permission first.

If you are unconscious, NHS Wales’ staff may still look at your WGPR without your permission in order to provide you with the best and safest possible care.  Any decision to look at your WGPR when you are unable to give your permission will be recorded with an explanation as to why the decision was taken.

In June 2021, community pharmacies who have an Independent Prescriber (an individual qualified to issue prescriptions in a similar manner to a GP) will also have access to a patient’s WGPR to help them make informed healthcare decisions that are relevant to you as an individual.

You have a choice about having your information shared in this way; if you do not wish for information about you to be shared, please let us know and we will record this in your medical record.

Please click on the link if you need further information: WELSH GP RECORD

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